Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Siena Burger RIP

Pictured here is one of the last two burgers served at Siena on Daniel Island which is now closed for business. Even though Siena was considered fine dining Italian, the burger was a staple on the lunch menu and when the restaurant began serving dinner only, it was moved to the bar menu. This burger is one of my favorites in all of Charleston. It is 10 ounces of house ground ribeye on a perfectly toasted buttery bun. It comes topped with a marinated tomato and romaine lettuce. The Fontina cheese was melty gooey goodness under the crispy bacon squares. This burger is hard to beat.

The fries were thin straws of potatoes that help the whole dish come together for a burger and fry lover!

Not pictured was the frito misto which was fish and veggies lightly battered and fried to perfection. A great start to prepare for the burger. I hate that Siena didn't make it. It was a great restaurant overall. I will miss you mouth-watering Siena burger, may you Rest in Peace.

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