Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pearlz Oyster Bar Happy Hour

The mahi fish taco with crispy cabbage.

You've got to visit Pearlz Oyster Bar for their happy hour specials ( 4-7, Monday through Friday. The specials are hard to be beat if you are in the mood for fresh seafood. The Mahi tacos come two to an order and were cooked just right. Not at all dry or overdone. At $4.95 they were a bargain for sure. The local brewed beers were $2.50 (other drink specials include $3 house wine and $5 martinis) and with the oysters it was a match made in heavan. The peel and eat shrimp at $7.95 was a 1/2 lb. portion of plump shrimp served chilled with a very spicy cocktail sauce. They offer a dozen oysters raw or steamed for $6.95 (you can also get a half dozen for $3.95). The raw oysters are served on ice with more of the spicy cocktail sauce as well as a traditional vinegar sauce. I finished with a $2.50 oyster shooter which is a raw oyster in a shot glass with vodka and cocktail sauce. Way better than desert. I left this place happy and feeling great about the tab.

Chilled shrimp with spicy cocktail sauce.



  1. This looks good. I would like to visit sometime. Maybe tonight!

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