Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday at Rue de Jean

This past Sunday at Rue de Jean, we met our friends Stacy and Justin for brunch to enjoy half price burgers. I choose the cheeseburger with Roquefort (you can also select Gruyere or Cheddar) and bacon lardons. I ordered the burger medium rare and that's just the way it was prepared. The burger comes with delicious fries and cornichons.
Dijon mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise are provided, but this burger is so juicy it has no need for those condiments in my opinion. Instead I use all of the above for french fry dipping purposes. Out of the 5 of us at brunch, 4 ordered burgers and all were satisfied. I enjoyed a 1664 to wash it all down.
My wife's standard fare at Rue de Jean are the mussels. Here she has ordered them Pronvencal style with fennel and tomato broth. Last week she ordered them in the Vegetable Cream. Of the six preparations offered, she doesn't seem to prefer one over the other. The broth is so rich and buttery everyone had to dip their baguette in this creamy sauce!

We had to run to a store in the market and succumbed to the idea of dessert at Kaminsky's. This is actually not a place we frequent but we ordered an oreo cookie pie, got three forks and had a "light" dessert. This large slice was very creamy and not overly sweet. It satisfied everyone's sweet tooth. Who doesn't like an oreo cookie crust?

I had a Palmetto Pale Ale and the ladies (my wife and her sister) sipped sparkling wine for $3 a pop. The sparkling wine glasses are large and provide a hefty pour. It was a great way to spend the next hour of our Sunday. The girls had a refill and we enjoyed the company of our great bartender Tracy. I always think of Kaminsky's as being touristy, but if you can slip in there on an off time - it can be the most charming of Charleston experiences.

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