Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Griffon Burger

I met some buddies at the Griffon ( recently to try their burger on a 2 for 1 special night. I ordered the burger with mushrooms and swiss, other burgers at the table were cheddar an onion, and a blue cheeseburger. Since these were buy one get one free at $6.95, we all agreed it wasn't a bad burger for the price. It just wasn't too exciting in any way, but for $3 and some change, no one was complaining.
Wings were $.25 so we ordered a dozen wings that were pretty tasty. They were crispy and hot, and the sauce was delicious. Not too spicy, but agreeable probably for most folks.
So as far as the burger experience, the Griffon isn't going to compete with my favorite Charleston staples unfortunately. As always though, it's a great spot to stop in for a few beers.

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