Friday, November 19, 2010

Poes Tavern Sullivans Island

So most everyone that lives in Charleston knows Poes Tavern on Sullivan's Island. This regularly wins best burger in the City Paper readers choice awards and is often worthy of that title just because it is a great beach bar on our favourite beach and usually does not disappoint when I order a burger. On this day I went with an old buddy from college and we shared these two burgers. One was the crab cake burger - a Poes burger topped with a fried crab cake known as the Annabelle Lee ($11.75)and the other was the buffalo shrimp burger-" The Sleeper" a Poes burger topped with buffalo shrimp and blue cheese garlic sauce ($11.00). On that day Poes delivered and not long after my friend moved here for good. Could it have been the burgers? So lets talk about the burgers. I felt the crab cake was too much. The burgers them selves are so good and meaty the crab cake is unnecessary. The best one of these two was the buffalo shrimp one. I will probably order my standard bacon cheese burger next time as it is still the best one for me. I can't say this is my favourite burger in Charleston but it is good and the beach bar scene makes it worth the visit.

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